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Zada Beasley, Founder/CEO

Global Vision

The mission of ZataData™ is to raise the collective vibration of the planet through the creation of innovation that inspires well being. From the inception in fall of 1998, ZataData™ was the vision of modern life like the technological advanced cartoon family, The Jetsons. Cultivated by orginal Thought Leadership, the firm offers a variety of progressive professional services and designs Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

  • Alliance Partnerships and Client Relationships:

  • AWS, Google, Zadara, CloudGenera

  • Verizon, Cisco, Nuance

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment

  • B12, Crystallize

As ZataData™ grows, the firm plans to deploy machines and AI technology with empathy and compassion. The current used cases include Autonomous Vehicles (Lyft, UBER), Flying Taxis (Singapore), the Healthcare space with numerous possibilities currently being explored. Please visit our site to understand more about the innovation in ZataData.World for the latest. "It's always impossible until it is DONE." ~Nelson Mandela


The services of the firm are namely, analyzing technology requirements and developing recommendations for computer software.

Zada Beasley, Founder/CEO of ZataData™ is Innovative, disruptive and, fascinating. She is a respected Technologist designing and deploying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Cloud and, digital marketing strategies.

As the Trusted Advisor, she is hyper focused on the customer's experience. As a result, ZataData™ partners with other small business firms and works as a member of their Senior Executive staff implementing solutions to complex problems for high profile clients; expanding business relationships by creating technology Alliances. Digital Marketing and, developing the organization. Below are some of the professional services rendered since starting the firm in 2010:

  • Technology Strategy Leader- Expanding Technology Alliance Partnerships and Portfolio capabilities in the space of emerging technologies by creating go-to-market strategies and new business operating models as a Brand Ambassador and Global Alliance Champion for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Cloud technologies with $8 billion in wins.

  • VP of Technology-Managing the development of the Data Governance Tool in the Cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform(GCP)

  • VP of Customer Relationship Management- Fulfilling the mission of the Stakeholders expanding Partner and Vendor contracts, creating client retention and digital marketing, automated Cloud trusted and secure migration strategies for Charter Schools, Non-profit organizations and Media outlets raising $6 million in 6 months.

ZataData™ Voice

Zada also has an original set of creative skills. As a voice talent with four characters voicing numerous marketing and promotional commercials, She has raised a total of $25 million for education and research, developed policies for technology, on camera in first three episodes of House of Cards Season 5. In January 2020, producers at CNBC reached out, validated her career and are interested in featuring her on their Advancement TV show hosted by Ted Danson. The program is aired on the History Channel, Discovery Channel and CNBC News.


As an activists, our Founder/CEO Zada Beasley volunteers in the Neo-Natal Ward of Children's Hospital assisting limited nurse staff with the care taking and coddling of 200+ abandoned newborns. To generate a pipeline of vetted adoption candidates, she is an out spoken Advocate who has pitched her involvement and the need for healthy families to various philanthropic organization including the Deloitte Foundation.

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